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You can call me the Traveller. 

We don't have much time.


Remember the date: December 25th 2021. On that day, the organisation known only as the T.I.M.E. project, launched a fully-functioning time machine and it changed the whole world. By 2026 T.I.M.E. was one of the biggest players on the international market, by the 2050s they all but ruled the world. 


You can see I write this in past tense. Because it already happened. For me, at least. 


I am from the year 2077. And the world around us is crumbling down. 


T.I.M.E. corp, their greed, their experiments… it all turned the world dark. They control everything and everyone and they twist the world as they please. Do you think the climate is bad in 2021? Try taking a full breath in New York 2077 before the air strips the skin off your face. Yeah, It's that kind of place. 


But we CAN stop it. I thought I could... alone, but…


Let's go back to your time. In 2020 T.I.M.E. project was just a collective of idealistic arrogant scientists who wanted to invent time travel. And they did. Kind of. They managed to find a way to send someone back. With no chance of returning. 


But the breakthrough came in the beginning of 2021. They created 10 additional devices that could serve as a sort of temporal anchors, and grant the time machine stability to let people travel back and forth freely.


There was only one hitch. Some of the 10 devices needed decades, even centuries to fully charge. So while the machine technically was done, T.I.M.E. people couldn't use it. So they chose the next best thing. 


They found 10 volunteers. Agents, who agreed to travel to the past with no way back. Their only mission was to find places in the past that suited the scientific needs of the devices. Some places where the devices could charge for decades without ever being disturbed. The idea was simple. Drop the device 2.0000 years in the past, and go find it in 2021, fully charged and operational, for the low-low price of one agent's life.


They succeeded, obviously. The devices were hidden, and each of them was launched in 2021. But I… we are going to stop it. 


In 2077 we found an old archive of the T.I.M.E. corp with most of the info on the agents and their missions. Enough to know where they were sent, at least. 

We stole enough of the old tech from the T.I.M.E. lab to send me to the same coordinates. Only me, unfortunately. And the tech… well, it's the old prototype, so there were bound to be problems. 


I managed to travel to 11 points in the past, including 2021. But I can't control the jumps. One second I'm here, another - I'm in ancient Rome or in the prohibition era US. 


However, I managed to find the locations of the agents’ hideouts and take photos of their personal belongings. We need to find where they hid the 10 devices in each era.


All I know is that each of them hid the device, then encrypted their locations in whatever manner they saw fit. They wanted these hints and clues to blend in, something that wouldn't raise any eyebrows if you don't know what you're looking at.


You need to help me decipher these hints from the agents' personal belongings. I can't do it myself, my constant jumps through time turn my brain into mush.


Help me find all 10 devices, and maybe we can stop 2077 from being the worst year in the living memory. 

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