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I’m back in 2021. For now, at least.


So, good news first, I located the devices. All thanks to you. And I can get access to all of them, as soon as I'm back in each time period. Unfortunately, our troubles are not over yet. 


The TIME collective will be launching the devices in 2021. One device every month. And we will have to find a way to sabotage every piece of their tech. I'm going back to the 10 time periods, to see what I can find and I'll try and send you all the information I can throughout 2021. Every month a new delivery. Unfortunately, we can't just destroy or turn the devices off, the consequences might be catastrophic. So we have to be smart about this. 


Remember, on the 20th of every month you will receive a message from me. As soon as you do - act on it. If we do it right, by December 2021 the TIME machine will be compromised. And when they launch it… my future will cease to exist. 

And believe me… 

...we all want that. 

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