The Experiment

The Experiment


We invite you to participate in our Experiment. Don't worry, it's safe… mostly. You will be required to sift through the images and sounds from another dimension and help us figure out what they mean. Are you ready to be a part of the First Contact?


Difficulty: Expert

  • Including

    A new kind of mysterious puzzle game, described in the form of 5 beautifully designed postcards. Each card is full of puzzles, pictures and secret messages that draw you deeper into the story.


    5 colored double-sided cards (21 * 10 cm, quality paper 300 gr / m2) delivered in a branded envelope.

  • Order

    Before purchasing, you must fill in a form and share the address details that will be used for shipping the envelope with the game.


    If you buy a gift for someone, you can leave the recipient's address and we'll deliver the game to the recipient! Delivery is done by post.

  • Necessities

    To play the game you need a machine with internet access and good company.




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