Crazy Tony!

Crazy Tony!

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You won the Golden Ticket! That means that if you pass our tests at the Crazy Tony Factory, you can become a Master Chef and the Factory will be yours! Will you become the Master of cupcakes, lollipops, and cookies?


Difficulty: Easy

  • Including

    A new kind of mysterious puzzle game, described in the form of 5 beautifully designed postcards. Each card is full of puzzles, pictures and secret messages that draw you deeper into the story.


    5 colored double-sided cards (21 * 10 cm, quality paper 300 gr / m2) delivered in a branded envelope.

  • Order & Delivery

    Before purchasing, you must fill in a form and share the address details that will be used for shipping the envelope with the game.


    If you buy a gift for someone, you can leave the recipient's address and we'll deliver the game to the recipient! Delivery is done by post.

  • Necessities

    To play the game you need a machine with internet access and good company.




    The nice thing about this concept is that you can keep or pass the cards to play them over and over!