5th Element PDF

5th Element PDF


A mighty creature from outer space has come to destroy our planet! We're all doomed unless we find the ancient stones of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire to activate the mythical FIFTH ELEMENT. Solve the puzzles to find the stones, hidden ages ago all around the Earth!


Difficulty: Medium+

  • Necessities

    To prepare for the game, please print the PDF file that we will send you. You also need scissors.


    To play the game you need a device with internet access and good company.

  • Including

    Top quality PDF


    The file contains a digital version of the 5 double-sided cards that you can find in our Premium printed version of the game. The 10 pictures are full of puzzles and hidden messages!


    For the full experience we recommend printing the cards with a color printer, but the game can just as easily be played in a black and white version.

  • Order

    After the purchase you will be directed to the download page of the game. A copy of the PDF file will also be sent to your email address.