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God damn it. I managed to find the control modules, reassemble the device and reprogram it. But the Agent caught me. It was messy. I managed to run away and he… I think he's in Bedlam right now. 

The police are on high alert, obviously. It's Jack the Ripper days… 

They stopped the agent, acting all suspicious, frantic. He was panicking when he realized I  might've sabotaged T.I.M.E. plans. He tried to explain things to the police, but in his state… he said things that might've been perceived normally in the 21st century, but here they probably landed him in the madhouse. 

The police also found his tools, very strange tools, and weapons. I can't be sure, of course, but I think at this moment he might be the prime suspect in the Whitechapel murders.

Lucky for us, I think. But who knows what he might say and who might choose to believe him. 


Anyway, we have only 2 devices to go. 


Remember these words: Mount Kosciuszko.

You know how to use them.

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