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Khayu… yeah, now I get it. It's one of the Pharaohs no one even knows much about in your time. In mine, however, everyone knows that name. It was a big deal in 2030-s, the excavation of the Tomb of Khayu. 

Sorrentino when back to ancient Egypt and probably found the place where the Pharoah was buried. Left some instructions for his T.I.M.E. colleagues, and they profited from finding ancient treasures. This money financed their first steps towards total market domination.


It's a drop in the bucket compared to what they made on their time-traveling tech later, but still.

I found some encrypted maps Sorrentino had left and I burned them. Just in case.
I guess humanity will have to learn to live without the knowledge the Tomb of Khayu revealed. Though, I know it… come to think of it, if we succeed, I'll be the ONLY ONE who knows it… ah, well, never mind. 


I changed the settings on Sorrentino's device. I hope it works…


Remember this name: Nanga Parbat. In the future, I will ask you for it, and if you say it to me, I'll know you've already helped me in Egypt.

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