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What's this? Is it like a phonograph? It records my voice?

Hello. It's Peter, the Paranormal Detective. Well... at least I was… a long time ago.  You know, I almost lost myself there, on that train. Forgot who I was and why I was there. I've spent more than a hundred years going nowhere, just riding… but then you came. I felt your presence. And my notes led you to the names of the spirits. 
I am here now, in the real world, so I guess the ritual worked. And that means my brethren of the Paranormal Detective Agency are still active, still combating the evil around the world. 
They destroyed the train, but only because of you. Thank you, thank you so much. 
Though… I mean… I'm not complaining, but I've been gone since 1893. My brethren could've worked a bit faster. It's a bit strange here in the 21st century. On the platform where I reappeared there were people with flashing rectangles in their hands and they were screaming that I am going on youtube. What the hell is that? Felt like they were going to sell me at an auction.
I guess I'll need some time to adjust. But, I guess, even in this century there's enough work for a paranormal detective. 
Thank you again. And if you see something spooky in the night, you know whom to call.

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