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This may sound strange. But you have to trust me. 

Our sacred order was tasked with protecting the Earth from the great evil. An entity from another galaxy, that roams the space and devours inhabited planets. 

The order is 700 years old, and we started to believe this day will never come. 

But the signs are there. This creature is making its way to the Earth and we don't have much time. 

But there is hope.

We are visited by a person called Leeloo. She is… perfect. An alien that wants to help us. And she tells us that her ancestors hid the ultimate weapon on Earth. Father Arthur, the he'sd of our order went on a quest to find the stones. But we lost contact with him. All we have is the notes he sent. They are encrypted, but we believe they spell out the location of the weapon.

The weapon consists of 4 parts. 4 stones, that represent 4 elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. You need to find the location of each stone and send it to us. 


But that's not all. You will also have to find the Temple of the Fifth element. There the stones will be put on the pedestal and the 5th element will be activated… though we don't even know what this element is yet. 


So here are the things you need to figure out.

  • The location of the Air, Water, Fire, and Wind stones

  • We know there is a code to open the Eart stone crypt. What is it?

  • The Fire stone location should be marked by a symbol. Some sort of creature. What is it? 

  • What does the Temple of the Fifth Element look like?

  • What activates each of the elements? It should be something simple, even primal...

  • What is the 5th element? 

  • What do we need to activate it? 

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