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Curse Of Blackbeard

Curse Of Blackbeard

€21.50 Regular Price
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Available only Dutch version!

This home mystery is suitable for the whole family. Unravel this adventure together with your father, mother, brother (s) or sister (s) and break the curse of Blackbeard.

An 'escape room' game to play at home that uses the internet, logic, and ingenuity to complete the game.

You are asked by treasure hunter Calico Jack to help find Blackbeard's treasure and break the curse. You will receive 5 handmade cards completely filled with riddles, codes, audio and video files, social media and various links to the real world and back to the internet where you can look up all kinds of things!


Print out the cards and spread them on the table in the room or in the garden.
Grab a refreshing drink and let your brain work hard.

Take on the challenge together and break Blackbeard's curse!

There is no time limit on this game so you can play whenever you want.


  • 'Curse of Blackbeard' is an 'escape room' style home mystery told in the form of five beautiful handmade cards. Each map is riddled with puzzles, numbers and mysteries that will draw you deeper into the story. Do you solve this mystery?

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